Fanvil VoIP Phones Prices

Fanvil phones prices Nairobi Kenya

Fanvil VoIP Phones Prices

Fanvil phones are designed to offer high quality services to the user at the same time putting their budget into consideration, Fanvil VoIP phones are designed by people who have done a lot of research of what the consumer wants, whats is available in the market and what is lacking, the Engineers behind Fanvil IP phone main aim is to solve communication problems that are there.

 Fanvil phones offers superior user experience for both Office and Home use.  This phone are designed to perfection in order to meet every organization communication requirement making sure that organization stays on top of the business.

Fanvil X5 IP Phone

Fanvil IP phones are designed for everyone regardless of the position they hold in the organisation, Fanvil X5 IP Phone is designed for receptionist with the capability of transferring, holding and receiving concurrent calls at the same time.

Fanvil X5 IP phone Supports 6-line SIP account, HD Voice, 2 LCDs (Main + DSS), DSS Key-mapping LCD – 8 DSS keys corresponded to the LCD display to provide dynamic DSS/BLF functions up to five pages at virtualized total 40 DSS keys,

Fanvil X5 VoIP Reception console has a economic and Environmental Friendly design with Elegant housing, High Interoperability  X5 IP phone is compatible with major platforms: 3CX, Yeaster, Broadsoft, Zycoo, Elastix, Asterisk, Xorcom, etc., PoE(Power over Ethernet) Integrated.

Fanvil X3 |X3SP IP phone

Fanvil X3SP IP Phone is designed as an entry level IP phone that is suitable to be used by middle level of management, this phone bring the ambiance as the phones is a stylish and compact phone.

Fanvil X3SP IP Phone is an industrial masterpiece, offers superior user experience and simplicity for homeand office users with elegant appearance and intelligent software. X3SP is positioned to be not only a telephone sitting on user’s desktop for communication, but also a nice artwork in your living room or

Fanvil X4S |X4SP IP VoIP phone

Fanvil X4 IP Phone is a high-end enterprise desktop phone with an intelligent DSS key-mapping LCD, which increases the users’ productivity at an affordable price.

Fanvil X4 IP phone  has a 2.8″ main color screen as well as a secondary 2.4″ DSS color screen. X4 IP phone interface is modern, sleek, colorful and user-friendly.  It has a one-button call function and call log with the ability to store 500 phonebook entries. The X4’s supports various systems including 3CX, Avaya, Yeaster, NEC,Grandstream , Asterisk, Matrix, Broadsoft, Epygi and more.


Fanvil X6 IP VoIP phone

 Fanvil X6 IP Phone is a cutting-edge enterprise IP phone that features up to 20 SIP lines, HD voice, 3 LCDs (Main + 2 x DSS), and dual gigabit ports. The Fanvil X6 offers excellent price to performance ratio and is fully certified with leading PBX providers.

 Fanvil X6 VoIP Phone also saves you money since there is no need to purchase an expansion module. The X6 comes complete with 12 DSS keys, which correspond to the LCD display to provide dynamic DSS/BLF functions of up to 60 DSS keys.


Products Prices
Fanvil X5 ­ Executive ​Desk Phone Ksh 10,500
Fanvil X3P VoIP Phone Ksh 5,500
Fanvil C01 IP Phone Ksh 6000
FANVIL C600 Enterprise Smart Video IP Phone Ksh 27,000
Fanvil C400 Android based VoIP Phone Ksh 25,000
Fanvil X4 4 Line Enterprise Multi Color Screens Phone Ksh 10,000
Fanvil X6 High-End VoIP IP Phone 4.3-Inch Color Display Ksh 17,000

Fanvil X5 ­ Executive ​Desk Phone

Fanvil X3P VoIP Phone

Fanvil C01 IP Phone

FANVIL C600 Enterprise Smart Video IP Phone

Fanvil C400 Android based VoIP Phone


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